Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Christmas Cookie Baskets

Well they're done. After 2 months of baking and a dozen different cookies later I finally put together the cookie baskets this morning. As I pulled tin after tin after Tupperware out of the freezer and lugged them upstairs I was a bit astonished at how many cookies there actually were. As I said to The Husband, "I think I overdid it."

The baking of the cookies was far more enjoyable than the assembly of the baskets. As my best friend knows, wrapping things is not my forte. I am not clever. I have no patience for making corners neat or hiding tape or tying ribbons or accessorizing packages in any way, really. One year I had a large number of Christmas presents to wrap and I hadn't begun two days prior to the holiday and my best friend came to my rescue and wrapped everyone of them for me. It's a gesture of kindness I won't ever forget.

Due to a severe snow storm yesterday followed by an ice storm last night my friend was unable to drive here to my rescue so I was left to my own devices, thus the uneven wrapping on the basket, the tape showing all over the place and the less than inspired bows and candy canes.
Hopefully the contents inside will make up for my uninspired presentation. Merry Christmas to everyone.


whack patti said...

First of all, they are wrapped upside down. The end fold should always go on the bottom. Second, Scotch tape makes a wonderful "invisible" type of tape for those gift wrap challenged folks. Lastly, They look fabulous and I can't wait to get my mouth around them. Well done!

Big Sis said...

Neither of us got the wrapping gene. The amount of work and the beauty of the baked goods make the wrapping a non issue! Also may I say the blog is a gift in itself! You need a show on the food network. Baking at Aunt Susan's. I have been watching nonstop during this winter wonderland.

Peggy said...

Merry Christmas Thanks for the memories. Sorry you won't be at Moms. (and I did get the wrapping genes)