Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Pictorial Study in Green Beans

It was 98 degrees yesterday. It will be 100 degrees today. It's hot. The house is hot. I'm hot. But the garden likes the heat and the many, many bean plants are thriving so I was up at 6am this Saturday morning to go harvest and put up some beans before it becomes unbearable in the kitchen.

The process is so easy and will produce garden fresh beans all winter long with just a little effort now. Here's what I do in a brief narrative and I'll let the photos tell the whole story.

Freezing Green Beans
Use fresh beans (if you're lucky enough to have a nice spouse like The Husband who grows a garden) or go to your local farmers market and purchase some local produce.
Cut of tops and ends then wash thoroughly and drain.
Put in a pot of boiling water for 3 minutes (either left whole or cut to your liking).
Immediately submerse in a bowl of ice water until cool.
Drain on paper towel.
Spread in single layer on cookie sheet and place in freezer until frozen.
Put in freezer bags and put date on bag. Enjoy all year long!
Above: Fresh picked and cut.

Above: Beans blanching in boiling water.

Above: Beans being shocked in ice water.

Above: Beans ready for flash freezing.

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