Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sandwich

Apparently there is some sort of big game on today.  I swear I didn't even know which teams were playing until this morning as I watched Sunday Morning on CBS.  I thought the Dallas Cowboys were playing because I kept hearing the Dallas Stadium was covered in snow (as is practically the whole USA).

Well, I'm not going to be called a party pooper and I decided to get into the spirit of the day and make a manwich, even though the chances of The Husband watching the entire game is slim to none.  He is known to sit through baseball game after baseball game and when his alum team, the Oregon State Beavers are playing football he will pay attention.  Thankfully though, his interest in pro football is near zero. 

We will most likely tune in for halftime entertainment, which again I learned, thanks to Sunday Morning on CBS, will be the Black Eyed Peas.  While watching these said Peas, we will eat our manwiches and pretend we care, like all good Americans do because afterall, isn't the Superbowl a truly American tradition?

My sandwich is made with the most delicious coldcuts out there, from Boar's Head, a 100 year old company out of New York City.  I first tried them while living in Seattle and use to buy it at the Pike Place Market at a wonderful Italian food shop called DeLaurenti's. Check it out next time you're in Seattle. Our local grocery store, Roth's, fortunately now carries these products.

I used an Italian bread, sprinkled olive oil and red wine vinegar over, spread on some olive tapenade, then layered mortadella, black forest ham, provolone, genoa salami and cheddar cheese.  Served with some chips, a slice of pickle, and a cold beer and we're ready for the game!


Angela said...

I too will not actually watch the game - but appreciate the spirit of a day devoted to relaxing with friends while munching on good food. After hearing 'It's a New Day' ( - we're fans of Thanks for the tip. We'll tune in to see the half-time performance.

whack patti said...

Yum! A baloney sandwich!

Mister Critic said...

Please hum the Black Eyed Peas song while you read: I gotta feeling that that sandwich is going to be good sandwich.