Monday, August 17, 2009

Black Box Wines

I'm always so thrilled when I am the recipient of yet another free sample as a benefit of being a member of the Foodbuzz food bloggers community. Today when I got home I found a big box awaiting me with what I found to be the most humorous labeling, as noted below. I love the part about not leaving the box with intoxicated persons. Is our mailman suppose to knock on our front door and do a breathalyzer test before he leaves this package? Well lucky for me, I wasn't home when it was delivered as I was down at the local bar pounding back a few (just kidding, of course!)I have previously purchased Black Box wines and really have enjoyed the Merlot but have never tried any of their white wines so I was looking forward to sampling. And sample I will, as this box is the equivalent of four 750ml bottles of Sauvignon Blanc. As I had my first taste, I noted it to be very light and crisp, and I would say it's on the dry side with a nice fruity flavor but I can't really identify a particular fruit. This is a perfect wine to sip by itself or I think it would be lovely with a light chicken dish or seafood.


whack patti said...

You lush!

Big Sis said...

OK Now I have to start my own blog!!! Free wine, What a deal.