Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another Collection

I spoke in my last blog entry about my cookbook collection and today I thought I would share another one of my prized collections, my egg cups. Like my cookbooks, I only started this collection in 1990 when I moved to Salem and had the opportunity to go to garage sales and also many antique and collectible stores in the vicinity.
My only criteria when I started collecting was that I would not spend more than $10 on one as I was a single gal on a single income and tried to be budget conscious. My collection grew in leaps and bounds as they were very easy to find. Over the last few years though, it has become much more difficult to find unique egg cups and I also have narrowed my collection to just egg cups which are figures of animals that actually lay eggs.

I have well over one hundred cups in my collection at this point, so many in fact, that I don't have room to display them all. The pictures today include the majority of them but I do have a box in the basement with a few duplicates and less than unique ones.

While in England once, I went to a seconds china store and was so amazed to find an entire wall of the store devoted to charming egg cups. Those Brits like their boiled eggs. I don't remember which in my collection I obtained there but I know I bought a couple. My parents too would bring me home cups from England on their many trips to the "motherland." Friends and other family members have been most generous also, contributing to my large collection.
I find it quite curious that many people don't even know what an egg cup is when I mention my collection. Don't ask me how that would even come up in conversation but it has. Growing up, my mother had a few egg cups in the shape of a rooster from which we would eat our soft boiled eggs.

I'll now share with you my dirty little secret. I don't even like soft boiled eggs anymore. But I love my collection!

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