Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy Fourth Blogiversary

Four years since I started this Pie-O-My blog on a whim of sorts. Who knew I could stick to something so long? The bigger question I have been asking myself is how much longer will I continue?  I have been considering branching out to explore some other creative part of me lurking deep in the recesses of my being. 

Let's list some creative areas I could consider.
Art:  Can't draw, can't paint. Though I am good at painting windows and trims in our house.
Music: Love the music but I'm not sure where to go with that. I use to play the flute and loved it. Kind of play the piano and I could definitely work on that.
Photography: I have really found this is an area I enjoy immensely.  It's what really got me into the food blog as I had recently purchased a new camera and needed subjects to photograph. Why not food I thought?  Perhaps I need to go out of the kitchen more and explore the world around me with camera in hand.
Writing:  I do have plans to write a novel someday when I'm retired.  One of my brothers and I have discussed a basic premise for an historical novel loosely based on a family event and have considered being co-authors. We'd better start doing our research!  I tried my hand at poetry for a time.  I re-read some of it now and then and I literally cringe. Enough said.

So there you have it.  As I look over this list I'm thinking I'd better stick to this blog for the time being! 

Now, about this cake.  Isn't it the gaudiest looking cake you've ever seen?  Perfect for a kids birthday party or a four year cooking blogiversary.  You can find pictures of these Kit-Kat/M&M cakes all over the Web.  Mine is a boxed cake mix with chocolate frosting. Nothing fancy because honestly,  who cares about the cake when there are Kit-Kats and M&Ms involved?  I wonder how I'm going to cut it though!?!  Thanks for all of your support, my faithful readers.  You know who you are!