Friday, October 8, 2010

Mom's Clam Dip

This blog entry is in honor of my mother's clam dip.  It is a family tradition.  There isn't a family gathering that goes by where this isn't served by someone.  Sometimes the simplest of food items can evoke such strong memories and for me, this is one of those items. 

Growing up, my parents use to throw parties in our remodeled basement which was where it was "happening."  There was a bona fide bar with three built in bar stools that were ever so fun to spin around on. There were two large mirrors on the walls.   There was a red linoleum tile floor, a couch, chairs and a piano.  Eventually it was additionally decorated to resemble an English pub, with English beer glasses, a map of the Underground and various other souvenirs my parents collected on their travels to England.

Well, back to the clam dip.  The day after these parties I would go down to explore the aftermath where it smelled of stale beer and cigarette smoke (weren't the '60s something) and inevitably there would be left over chips and clam dip sitting around.  Not for long!  Nothing better than slightly soggy potato chips and clam dip which has been out all night. 

We're all grown up now and I wanted to make sure I got this recipe (I use the term lightly as I don't believe there is a recipe) written so it can be passed on to the next generation.  Like my grandmother's English tarts, my mother's clam dip is and shall remain a family tradition.

Mom's Clam Dip

1 8oz package cream cheese at room temperature
1/2 tsp. garlic powder
2 Tbsp. mayonnaise
1 can chopped clams, undrained

Beat cream cheese, garlic powder, mayonnaise and approximately 2/3 of the clam juice until smooth and creamy.  Drain clams of remaining juice.  Add clams to cream cheese mixture and stir until blended.  Serve with chopped veggies and potato chips.

This is my take on this concoction.  I'm sure my two sisters have their own variations, but the basics would be the same.


whack patti said...

Let's all play Gabooners in the basement!

Big sis said...

I think this is the best dip ever. I love it with celery because
I can scoop up more dip then with a chip.

Anonymous said...

Oh this sounds great! I had clam dip over the summer for the first time and loved it! I gotta make this sometime!