Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Two Year Blogiversary!!

Can it really be two years since I started this little hobby of mine?  Indeed it has!  It all began when I made some candy for our Fire Department bake sale for the local food drive. I decided to document the experiment for something different to do with the new camera I had recently acquired.  Now, 185 posts later I'm still at it.

What an interesting two years it has been trying out new recipes, some with great success and some not so much, but all great learning experiences.  I have tried to expand my horizons, work on my writing, photography, as well as food styling while cooking new dishes which sometimes pushed me beyond my comfort zone.  More than a few times I have thought to myself (or screamed aloud from the kitchen) "Why am I doing this?" yet I just keep going with no sign of letting up.

I celebrate my blogiversary by again making something for the annual food drive bake sale and I must say that this recipe certainly challenged me.  The recipe for these "Fauxtess" Cupcakes can be found all over the Internet and I have thought numerous times how fun they would be to try but have always been a little turned off by the number of steps involved.   Instead of writing out the entire recipe today I will direct you to an absolutely great food blog called Annies Eats.  Her recipes and pictures are always fantastic.  I doubled the recipe and made 18 cupcakes instead of the 9 in her recipe.
Once I got in the groove things went very well.  Step one was to make the amazingly rich and chocolately devil's food cupcakes.
Step two was the marshmallow creme filling.
Step three was to make a totally decadent chocolate ganache frosting.  Step four consisted of decorating the chilled cupcakes with the trademark squiggle using the leftover marshmallow creme.
All in all, a great baking project and a very fun way to spend Saturday morning.

Thanks to all of you who check in on my blog faithfully and leave such generous comments and thanks to The Husband who so patiently tries out my dishes and supports (particularly his computer tech skills) this blog of mine.  Here's to another year!!


KandN said...

Cheers to you and your blog! And many thanks for sharing what you do! Always enjoy your words, pics and experiences!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Mrs. O'My. Wonderful bloggery, keep up the good work. Ned F.

whack patti said...

It looks better than the "real" thing!