Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Perfect Friday Night Martini

I'm not a particularly ritualistic person but over the past couple of years I have developed a most enjoyable ritual, which is making and consuming the Perfect Friday Night Martini to signify the start of another glorious weekend. Work is over, let the fun and relaxation begin.
My recipe is a simple but effective one and goes like this:
The Perfect Friday Night Martini
4 ounces of Gin or Vodka (you pick your poison)
1 tsp dry vermouth
8 ice cubes
garnishment of choice
(I prefer 3 large martini olives for gin or 1 long lemon peel twist for vodka)
Put ice cubes in shaker. Add vermouth and liquor of choice. Put top of shaker in place and vigorously shake 60 times. Not 59, not 61 but 60 times. Pour into a classic martini glass. Add garnish. Carefully walk into living room so as not to spill a drop, sit down and enjoy!!
This recipe makes one very generous martini.

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Whack Patti said...

Garnish with Lemon as in Krina?