Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Third Anniversary Pie-O-My

Three years and 245 blogs later, I still look forward every week to trying a new recipe, taking photos, and writing a few words about my experiences in the kitchen.  What a fulfilling hobby this has turned out to be.  It has taught me how to be a much better cook, how to be more organized, the importance of how food looks as well as tastes, and developing a writing style that expresses my own voice.

Thank you to my loyal family and friends who have been, from the get go, so generous and kind in their words of support toward my little project.  A great big thanks to The Husband, who patiently waits for meals on the weekends as I style yet another plate, or take just one more photo, and who has been my guinea pig for more than a few failures!  You mean the world to me.

This blog has brought additional rewards in the form of a plug in a local newspaper, a mention in Bon Appetit Magazine for the chocolate-mint cookies pictured below, and many very generous food samples from outstanding companies throughout the country. These perks have been a totally unexpected bonus! I also receive a small monetary stipend each month for being a publisher with FoodBuzz. As The Husband likes to say regarding this extra income, "Don't quit your day job." 

Instead of cooking up something to celebrate the beginning of my fourth year of this blog, I thought I would go back in my photo archives and share a few of my favorite pictures with you. I look forward to continuing this blog for a long time to come.


KandN said...

Congrats on your 3 year milestone of blogging! And thanks for providing me with both inspiration and entertainment.

Big Sis said...

I look forward to your blog as does Steve. What issue of Bon Appetite were you in? How did I miss it?

Carol said...

I'd like to add my congratulations Sue! I sure wish I could cook. =(

Stephanie said...

Glad I'd just finished lunch before viewing those photos. Dang, they all look yummy. I'm a sucker for chocolate covered cherries - yours look superb!

Anonymous said...

I have been remiss in offering my congratulations. Mea Culpa. As an attempt to get back into your good graces I will suggest that you try the perfect pan-roasted chicken thigh recipe on page 42 of the June edition of Bon Appetite. The skin truly tastes like bacon. I tried the flavor boost rosemary and garlic, both of which I love, and it was superb. There was enough rendered chicken fat to make an excellent chicken gravy to go over the mashed potatoes and to make great croutons for the salad. As an aside, I think the heavy, seasoned cast iron skillet was crucial. Here's to many more years