Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bring Back the Cocktail Hour

I am a huge fan of the TV show Mad Men.  I love the sets, clothes and general air of 60's sophistication.  Oh, and did I mention my love for Don Draper???  But I digress.  One of the things about the show that I find so amusing is the way they all sit around and drink cocktails all day and night.  I'm telling you what.  If I sat around drinking cocktails at my office like those characters do, well let's just say there wouldn't be much work done.

I do like the idea of a cocktail hour though.  I have read a number of articles in my cooking magazines about the resurrection of that tradition and that some of the old cocktails have been making a comeback.  We're talking real honest-to-God martinis, not appletinis or peachtinis, but gin, vermouth and a couple of nice green olives.  Another old classic is the Manhattan.  This is a drink that perhaps I've had a sip of, but have never understood its components.

Today I decided to shake one up and give it whirl.  I didn't have any sweet vermouth, but according to my Playboy recipe book of cocktails (where on earth did I ever get that book, I wondered today?) one can use dry vermouth and it's just called a dry Manhattan. Not being a fan of sweet drinks, I thought it would do just fine.   It tasted good as far as whiskey based drinks go.  Next time I make one though, I will make sure to get some sweet vermouth and ascertain the differences between the two.

Dry Manhattan

1/2 oz. dry vermouth
2 oz. blended whiskey
1 dash of bitters
1 marashino cherry for garnish

Mix all of the alcohol in a shaker with 6-8 ice cubes.  Shake 60 times.  Pour into an martini glass or cocktail glass. Garnish with the cherry and think of Don Draper!


KandN said...

I can't remember her recipe, but my sis was telling me recently about her discovery of the Manhattan. While eating at Word of Mouth for my birthday I decided to order one and see what their version was like. My martini glass arrived full to the brim. THAT was one stiff drink!

Anonymous said...

"according to my Playboy recipe book of cocktails (where on earth did I ever get that book, I wondered today?)"

Hello? Aren't you married? To a man?

whack patti said...


Rebekah said...

I've been thinking of bringing back cocktail hour myself!! In fact, I think I might have started over the holidays. Now I'm going to have to try some of these classic drinks.

Tsz said...

Mmm, that looks so good right now—got a case of the Mondays...

Anonymous said...
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