Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Garden of Delights

The Husband has a wonderful vegetable garden going this year so I thought I would share a picture of the season's first tomato, almost ripe and ready for picking. We have plum and Big Boy tomato plants that will go so well with the sweet basil which is thriving. Many bush bean plants were put in the ground and we should be ready to harvest some in the next couple of weeks; small, tender haricot verts, left on longer to become long crunchy green beans. These are perfect steamed and then seasoned with salt and pepper or sauteed with a few small bacon pieces then dressed with a couple dashes of balsamic vinegar.

The corn couldn't be better than just cut directly off the cob, steamed for a matter of a couple minutes and a sprinkle of salt and a pat of butter applied. There are also corn puddings to be made and a delightful corn, basil and tomato salad I discovered last year which I hope to share when all my garden elements are ready to harvest.
Of course, every year we have a couple of pumpkin plants which tend to take over the garden; always amazing the tremendous growth from just two little seeds. Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns are always the end goal for the pumpkin harvest and also roasting the seeds to share with Gladys as they are one of her favorite treats.

Each year we have a vegetable garden I am so thankful for all the work and effort The Husband puts into it and the enjoyment we get from its bounty. Thank you dear!


Whack Patti said...

I have never been in an "Indian spice store." Do tell. The salad looks wonderful. It is one of my faves! About the garden: very impressive.

Simple Simon said...

Dear Whack Patti
There is a wonderful Indian Spice store at the Pike Place Market and also we have one downtown in Salem on Commercial St. Thanks for the compliments on the salad and the garden. You're nice (and pretty).