Saturday, March 10, 2012


I don't have the cooking mojo this weekend. No inspiration to cook anything other than a pot of potato corn chowder, which was pretty darn good.  I thought instead of sharing a recipe today, I would post a few pictures that have been hanging around in my blog folder of this and that.

Above are pictures from a wonderful Middle Eastern market in Portland, Oregon called Barbur's World Foods. It's a very fun store to shop in when planning any type of Middle Eastern or Mediterranean menu.  As you can see, they make their own pita bread and they are cooked in a wood burning oven before your very eyes.  You tell them how many you want and the nice young man flattens out balls of bread dough, puts them on his long handled bread peel and into the raging hot oven they go to puff up like magic.  And here's the thing; they only cost 50 cents each.  Can you believe it??  They also have an amazing array of fresh salads, olives, and other wonderful delicacies.  A great shopping adventure.
This next picture is of a couple of products from Clear Creek Distilleries made here in Oregon.  They make absolutely delicious brandies, liqueurs, and other spirits using the outstanding fruits grown in the Hood River area on the banks of the mighty Columbia River.  Check out their website to read about this great company. The Husband and I had gone to the liquor store last weekend and saw the cherry liqueur which we had not tried before. We debated about whether we should get the cherry or a bottle of pear brandy which we had tried and loved. We opted for the cherry and were not sorry.  The very next day, The Mother-in-Law stopped by and what does she bring us (besides two Godiva chocolate bars)?  A bottle of pear brandy.  Isn't that just freaky??  That woman is a keeper!

And finally a cooking flop from awhile ago.  I have these wonderful little Scandanavian molds I bought many, many years ago at a garage sale for no good reason other than I loved them and I thought I could use them somehow, someday.  Well I haven't until I recently had this inspiration to make a molded macaroon cookie using them.  I followed my usual macaroon recipe and carefully packed the well sprayed molds with the mixture, then unmolded them onto a cooke sheet and baked them.  And voila, a thin, flat, flop of a cookie.  That will teach me to experiment.  All was not lost though.  They were extremely tasty, flat or not.   Have a good week!

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